Falksalt flake salt Smoke


Bring an unexpected embellishment of flavour to seemingly ordinary foods. Chicken, steaks, hamburger, ribs, or even your own barbecue sauce tastes wonderful with a smoked hickory aroma. Be creative and add our Smoke variety to fries or popcorn for a whole new twist. The adventurous cook should oven-roast leeks with Falksalt Crystal Flakes Smoke to be rewarded with an extraordinary flavour combination.

Falksalt flake salt on burgersSeason the mince with Smoked flake salt instead of ordinary salt.

Falksalt flake salt in salsa
Finely chop the tomatoes and add finely chopped garlic and chili. Season the salsa with smoked flake salt and lime juice.

Falksalt flake salt on potatoes
Replace ordinary salt with smoked flake salt when cooking boiled potatoes.