salt pepper


Black pepper is a popular spice and used in most forms of cooking and food preparation. When it comes to using both salt and pepper in cooking, most people tend to use them inappropriately. Both salt and black pepper enhance the flavors of a dish best if added during the final stages of cooking. The aroma of black pepper becomes impaired if boiled in a pot or baked in the oven for a long period of time. The perfect solution, then, is to sprinkle Falksalt S&P crystal flakes over the dish before the final tasting and then use it when serving. This will enhance the flavors and present them at their best!

sp leeksGrilled leeks: Whole grilled leeks can be cooked by broiling or roasting in the oven. When baked drizzle with olive oil, honey, chopped parsley and S&P crystal flakes.

sp onionsOnion rings: Fried foods need the complement of a salty flavor as the salt reduces any sensation of greasiness. Onion rings with a dip blending crystal flakes, crème fraiche and a little bit of sambal oelek.

sp salmonSalmon: A classic Waldorf salad with seared salmon, served with a large pinch of S&P. A luxurious appetizer before dinner, nibbles for mingling or a buffet dish.