“Why ruin a nice steak with ordinary table salt when you can improve it with sea salt crystal flakes? It doesn’t make sense.”
Hans Hanson, FoodWorks 2011

There are many ways to use Falksalt Crystal Flakes sea salt. In fact, there are too many to describe them all. But, then again, Falksalt is not a recipe company. Instead, Falksalt want to be a inspirational product. We believe that, besides salt, inspiration is the most valuable ingredient in any kitchen. 

Here at Falksalt we're always looking for new tips and tricks to spice up cooking. Feel free to send us your own flake salt recipes here.

Recipes and pictures by svensksmak.se

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Natural Sea Salt Flakes

Falksalt flake salt corn
Rub the corn in oil, finely chopped chili and salt flakes. Grill until it colours beautifully.
Falksalt flake salt asparagus
Sprinkle fried or grilled asparagus with salt flakes.
Falksalt flake salt strawberries
Dip strawberries half-way down into dark chocolate and top each strawberry with a flake of salt.


Citron Sea Salt Flakes

Falksalt flake salt chocolade
Melt some chocolate and pour it onto a sheet of baking parchment. Sprinkle with pistachio nuts and citron flake salt. Leave to set in the fridge for 30 min.
Falksalt flake salt salmon
Sprinkle fried or poached salmon with citron flake salt before serving.
Falksalt flake salt rice
Boil the rice without any salt and then sprinkle with shredded chives and citron flake salt.


Rosemary Sea Salt Flakes

Falksalt flake salt lamb
Season lamb chops with rosemary flake salt and freshly ground white pepper. Fry in butter in a hot pan.
Falksalt flake salt potatoes
Boil some unsalted floury potatoes until soft. Mash well, adding a good knob of butter, some finely chopped garlic and some rosemary flake salt.
Falksalt flake salt rice
Mix boiled jasmine rice with Rosemary flake salt and shape into balls. Fry in plenty of butter.


Smoke Sea Salt Flakes

Falksalt flake salt burgers
Season the mince with Smoked flake salt instead of ordinary salt.
Falksalt flake salt salsa
Finely chop the tomatoes and add finely chopped garlic and chili. Season the salsa with smoked flake salt and lime juice.
Falksalt flake salt potatoes
Replace ordinary salt with smoked flake salt when cooking boiled potatoes.


Wild Garlic Sea Salt Flakes

Falksalt flake salt garlic-bread
Mix butter at room temperature with wild garlic flake salt. Spread on sliced bread and toast in the oven.
Falksalt flake salt fish
Fry your favourite fish in butter. Top with a drizzle of oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice and wild garlic flake salt before serving.
Falksalt flake salt snails
Fry the snails in butter. Season with wild garlic flake salt to taste.


Chipotle Sea Salt Flakes

Falksalt flake salt egg
Fry the eggs and finish with a little chipotle flake salt and a few splashes of Tabasco sauce.
Falksalt flake salt potatoes
Season freshly fried potatoes with chipotle flake salt and dress with a squeeze of lemon juice.
Falksalt flake salt chicken
Rub the chicken in chipotle flake salt and freshly ground black pepper. Brown in a hot frying pan. Stir equal quantities of cream and water into the pan juices to make a sauce. Season with runny honey.