"Sea salt flakes and olive oil is sometimes all you really need"

We are proud that so many professional chefs and restaurants across the world use our sea salt flakes to enhance the food. Or, as one of our partners, Hans Hanson in the USA, puts it:

"Why ruin a great steak with ordinary salt when you can improve it with sea salt flakes?" The trend continues and today we see an increasing demand from bakeries and chocolate confectionaries as well. If you are a professional user, please email and tell us how you use salt flakes and we can promote you and your restaurant.

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It´s time for your salt to match the quality of the food you cook with.

Red chili flakes in the salad dressing? Citron flakes to sprinkle on grilled salmon? Wild Garlic and virgin olive oil on oven baked vegetables? Get inspired of how to use sea salt flakes in the best way. Check out our inspiration page.
125, 250 or 600 gr? 1, 5 or 10 kg bucket? We have the package that suits you best.

We know the importance of great ingredients, good kitchen economy and how to work effectively with inventory. We offer a wide range of natural and flavored sea salt flakes in different packages. Visit our web shop or read more about our products, packages, ingredients and logistics in our General Product Information PDF.
Do you want to try out our sea salt flakes?

We know that as soon as a chef, baker or confectioner tastes our products they want to try them out. Send us an email at seanh@camtrade.com to get prices, samples or to order.