“No dish leaves the kitchen without a pinch of sea salt flakes on top”
Niclas Robertsson, Pio Country Club in Sweden

Top chefs and restaurants around the world demand top quality products. That makes us really happy. Gourmet restaurants Abacus and Jaspers in Dallas, the Johannesburg University in South Africa, Pio Country Club in Sweden and many, many more have chosen to use Falksalt sea salt flakes to enhance the meals they serve. 

And why shouldn’t they? Our large, crispy and tasty flakes, handmade from pure Mediterranean sea water are probably the best finishing salt in the world.


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Denver FIVE

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Denver FIVE, an all female lineup of Colorado’s most-extraordinary culinary minds. Celebrated chefs from Epicurean Group, Panzano, Table 6, Old Major and Elway’s rise to the challenge of presenting Denver’s dining scene to a national audience. From rustic Italian to Farm-to-Table, their talent will command your appetites, and your attention.

You can find more information about FIVE at http://www.denverfive.com


Håkan Thörnström

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"Sea Salt flakes are easier and more pleasant to work with since they do not stick on your fingers as fine grain salt does. They look lovely and have a mild salty taste because of their structure and shape"

Håkan Thörnström owns and runs Thörnströms Kök (Thörnströms Kitchen) in Gothenburg, Sweden since 1997 and has been rewarded with a star in Guide Michelin.

When Håkan was 15 years old he went to Walter Ceder at the Park Avenue Hotel in Gothenburg asking if he could work in their kitchen during the summer – for free. He said yes, and Håkan did such a good job that the chefs, by the end of the summer, had rattled up a small wage as encouragement. Five years later, Håkan was the youngest member of the Swedish Culinary Team.



Mattias Larsson

Falksalt Mattias Larsson
"There is one flavouring that means more to me than others ...."

Mattias Larsson is a chef, cookbook author and one of Sweden's most popular and inspirational creators of food. He is often engaged to make guest appearances, training sessions, motivational lectures and food and wine tastings. Mattias is also known by the name Fredagskocken ® (the “Friday chef”), a nickname acquired when, for more than five years, he appeared every Friday on a radio show on the Mix Megapol station. He makes occasional guest appearances on TV and often features in food magazines.

You can find Mattias as “Fredagskocken” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as at www.moderngastronomi.se


Alessandro Pierangeli

Falksalt Allesandro Pierangeli
"It's a crispy salt that awakens the one sense rarely used when eating: the hearing"

Alessandro Pierangeli is executive Chef and Consultant from Rome. Creates menus for Italian restaurants from Rome to Moscow to New York. He is only non Hebrew in Italy authorized by the rabbis to prepare healthy Hebrew Kosher cuisine.


Kent Rathbun

Falksalt Kent Rathbun
"Sea salt flakes and olive oil is all you need"

Chef Kent Rathbun is the founder of several award-winning restaurants in the Dallas, TX area. After rapidly rising through the ranks as a young chef at some of the world’s finest restaurants, he followed his dreams and opened his first restaurant in 1997. Kent has since developed several more restaurant concepts that have each allowed him to showcase his eclectic and distinctive styles, while maintaining the highest standards of dining quality.

Learn more about Kent on www.kentrathbun.com


Martin Molteni

Falksalt Martin Molteni
"Salt is the essence of life. The food interacts with the crystals, creating a unique symbiosis, bringing out the flavor and giving new life to what we are about to eat"

After learning the process of origin, tradition, and creation of world cuisine, Martin Molteni settled in Argentina to discover the identity of Argentinean cuisine in his homeland by interacting with the protagonists of the local history. Martin currently applies his culinary philosophy at his restaurant PURATIERRA, where he gives shape to a new vision of Argentinean cuisine inspired by pre-Columbian South American culinary traditions.
More information about Martin on www.martinmolteni.com


Jessica Stahl von Holstein

Falksalt Jessica Stahl von Holstein
"I use Falksalt sea salt flakes every time I cook! They look great and taste even better"

Jessica has written several cook books and is a food editor for the food magazine Family Living. She lives with her family in Singapore. Often, Jessica sprinkles her meat with the flakes before serving. She uses Falksalt Crystal Flakes Black on chicken and the Natural on beef. Lamb, she says, develops a great taste when some Wild Garlic flakes are added.


Henrik Jonsson

Falksalt Henrik Jonsson
"I came across the Falksalt sea salt flakes at the great Food and Wine show in Joburg 2011. Now they are natural ingredients on almost all dishes we serve at dinners at the Joburg University"

Henrik is one of the most skilful chefs in South Africa. Before ending up as Head Chef at the University of Joburg 2008 he has been running and working in great restaurants around the world.


Niclas Robertsson

Falksalt Niclas Robertsson
"No dish leaves the kitchen without a pinch of sea salt flakes on top"

After several years in New York as a personal chef to, among others, Kofi Annan, Victor Borge and Isabella Rossellini, Niclas moved to Halmstad in southern Sweden and opened the restaurant Pio Restaurant and Bar. Niclas has a passion for good food and great wine and in 2005 he opened Pio Country Club, one of Scandinavia's most exclusive "Petit Hotels". Learn more about Niclas and his team at